Action Speaks Louder Than Words
Call This Guy is a unique professional hands-on perspective at the intersection of real-world marketing strategy and ground zero.  Boom!

Working together, we grab the attention of the audience you want, even in an over-saturated digital world.  Delivering your goal, be it a successful show or performance as an event producer, or as your own personal or business coach.

Part mentor, part marketing guru, part solutionist, I haven’t come across anything I can’t help succeed.

I specialize in making your things work, whatever it takes.  If i can’t then I will know someone who can.


“This Guy Just Connects All The Dots”  – Tash York |  2018 Adelaide Fringe Cabaret Award Winner.

So if the wheels start to fall off your event and time just feels like it’s against you,  Call this Guy.   But let’s fix it early !   Sometimes taking a moment to refocus on the important aspects and the critical outcomes can launch you back into positive action and stop those wheels spinning.

Nothing can stop us from creating a positive outcome together!

So If you need to do a thing, if you need show or event advice, a contact, some fresh ideas or just to regroup and get some direction, then you just have to ‘Call This Guy’, cause I’ve got your back.


We’re in this together.  So #letsdoathing


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