Temporary – Adelaide Fringe 2019

Temporary – Katie Lees

Amy has found herself in another receptionist contract when she had vowed never to do it again. She smiles politely, makes the perfect cup of coffee and has a delightful phone manner. Her life is a rut of emails, mundane tasks and ridiculous colleagues.


Reviewed with 4 stars by the Advertiser this week, this one woman show is a Must see in The A Club Adelaide, on Waymouth street this weekend

Learn more about this Adelaide Fringe production, ‘Temporary’, and have a quick Read what Sam About Town found out when she chatted with actor and writer, Katie Lees.

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Confetti ? Ashley Rose – Adelaide Fringe 2019

Ashley Rose – ” Confetti” – Adelaide fringe 2019

90s pop songs, alcohol issues, shit relationships, procrastination, obsessions…..all woven into a heady mix of hilarity and entertainment. You got me at the mention of confetti…

Sam About Town went on a mission to find out exactly how much of a mess to expect…

SAT: Confetti sounds like a show that has something for everyone. Can you tell us more about it? How messy does it get? Will we need counselling or dry cleaning afterwards?

AR: I kinda feel like everyone gets this feeling their lives a mess. Memes and vines on facebook are always about how no one has got their sh*t together. Like we’re all just kind of in a real life Bird Box situation. No one really knows where they’re going and we are all trying to avoid the looming doom, which in real life equates to paying bills on time, going to work, avoiding existential dread, having healthy happy relationships… you know, just generally pretending it’s all good. Also, relatable things that we’ve all dealt with like body shaming, obsessions, problems with alcohol, terrible relationships and weird dating stories. I once hid a Tinder date’s phone in his freezer, tucked neatly away under his naan bread… but you’ll have to watch the show to hear more about that one. I wanted to connect with people about things we can all relate to and feel bad about, but instead of beating ourselves up, to celebrate them. We’re all like confetti – we can be a bit of a mess, but that’s what makes us truly beautiful.

SAT:  Personally I love drag queens and so I’m intrigued about your “unhealthy obsession’ with them. Please tell us more!

AR: There’s a segment in the show when I hark back to when it all began, sweaty night clubs in my youth dancing to so much Britney and Gaga to try and get free drinks and front row seats to see all the drag queens in their glory every weekend. Now it’s me making breakfast…watching rupauls drag race, driving to work, listening to drag podcasts, partner trying to go to sleep but I just have to watch a youtube tutorial of Lucy Garland, hiding my head under the covers and sticking my headphones in. I’ve always been obsessed with the idea of twisting gender and am so glad that females in drag have become such a more seen and accepted thing as I believe were all putting on forms of drag every day. Whether its changing your appearance with mascara or a chiseled glitter and pink cut crease its all an illusion I find so incredibly fascinating and artistic.

Read the rest of Sam exclusive interview with Ashley rose HERE

Red Light Confidential – Adelaide Fringe 2019

“We have weirdos, freaks, lovemakers and even some heartbreakers. We’re going to show some leg and make a shimmy.”

If that doesn’t make you want to snap up a ticket to one of the hottest shows in the Fringe, then read on and be ready to be convinced! Red Light Confidential is a showcase of burlesque, circus, cabaret, music, comedy and magic and is one of the most popular and well known touring variety shows in the country.

Sam About Town chatted recently with producers Kelly Ann Doll and Michael Wheatley.

SAT: The type of acts and experience level of performers in a Red Light Confidential show is so varied and yet you manage to coordinate it into one cohesive show. Could you tell us more about this format that has “newbies rubbing shoulders with seasoned pros”?

RLC: We started as an industry night, we wanted to provide a safe space for performers to try out new acts and for newbies to get a handle on the ropes. 

SAT: With such a variety of performers, do you find there is a creative exchange of ideas including mentoring from the more experienced performers and fresh energy and new ideas from the emerging acts?

RLC: Definitely. There are so many connections that have been made from artists meeting and networking at the show over the years and we’ve watched people go from being stage kittens to successful name artists. 

Read more about what Red light Confidential had to say about their upcoming Adelaide Fringe season HERE

Adelaide Fringe Interviews – The Talents of Darkness

If you missed The Talents of Darkness in their exclusive preview show at The A Club Adelaide last month then you had better be getting your skates on and get tickets for there Fringe season NOW!

Read this great interview piece from the lovely Fatema Sitabkhan, with images supplied from Anthony Rex

Adelaide Fringe is so close i can almost feel it !!

Read the full article here –> Talents of darkness – on Adelaide Fringe at the A club

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TASH YORK  -“YO ADELAIDE!  Super thrilled to announce that my Friday Night show is SOLD OUT!  I am so stoked to be part of this new journey for The A Club and Call This Guy who are going to be bringing Adelaide fringe greatness all year around! See you real soon Adelaide!

TAsh york with Call this guy
Sold out – few left for Sat but act fast

There are still about 8 or so tickets free for Saturday night – so don’t miss out 

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A-Club brings it’s A Game.

A-Club brings it’s A Game.

Call this Guy (Kerry Marsh) and A club owners expand events team

The A-Cub Fringe venue is Ready!

Adelaide’s West End will now have its own performance and special events hub all year round at the iconic A-Club on Waymouth St. The two powerhouse teams of Call this Guy, and The A–Club have joined forces to redefine the space and create a diverse and dynamic range of events in the lead up to releasing its own programming for the 2019 Adelaide Fringe season.

Kerry Marsh (Call This Guy) has had huge success producing award-winning events in the past and with this experience is looking to expand the A-Club into a premium Fringe and performance venue. “The A-Club is such an amazing space, I stumbled across it when creating the Epic Samba street party in Eliza street, it’s such a hidden gem, beautiful spaces for patrons to chill or get up close and be a part of the action, enjoy a food service with true and accessible fare, a funky bar space and has Adelaide’s cheapest and best cocktails.  Seriously, what’s not to love here?” says Marsh.

Not only will the A-Club continue to provide spaces for birthdays and corporate functions but it will also be reconfigured to suit anything from cabaret-style seating, to theatre, comedy, poetry or even live dance and band performances.

The venues first few events are set to be huge, with something for everyone. First cab off the rank from this dynamic duo will be Adelaide Fringe favourite Tash York with her award-winning sell-out show “Adulting”. The following month will see local Adelaide singer Carla Mattiazzo with her show “That’s Life”. Other performances with dates confirmed include burlesque variety show sensation “The After Hours Cabaret Club” and “Zouk Nacao”, an epic night of Latin dance flavours.

With a range of top talent looking for space at this year’s Fringe, The A-Club is going to be a shining space for artists and audiences alike – but now all year round!


Venue: The A-Club, Waymouth Street , ADELAIDE SA 5000

For media enquiries contact: Kerry Marsh 0408 843 490 or info@callthisguy.com.au