Confetti ? Ashley Rose – Adelaide Fringe 2019

Ashley Rose – ” Confetti” – Adelaide fringe 2019

90s pop songs, alcohol issues, shit relationships, procrastination, obsessions…..all woven into a heady mix of hilarity and entertainment. You got me at the mention of confetti…

Sam About Town went on a mission to find out exactly how much of a mess to expect…

SAT: Confetti sounds like a show that has something for everyone. Can you tell us more about it? How messy does it get? Will we need counselling or dry cleaning afterwards?

AR: I kinda feel like everyone gets this feeling their lives a mess. Memes and vines on facebook are always about how no one has got their sh*t together. Like we’re all just kind of in a real life Bird Box situation. No one really knows where they’re going and we are all trying to avoid the looming doom, which in real life equates to paying bills on time, going to work, avoiding existential dread, having healthy happy relationships… you know, just generally pretending it’s all good. Also, relatable things that we’ve all dealt with like body shaming, obsessions, problems with alcohol, terrible relationships and weird dating stories. I once hid a Tinder date’s phone in his freezer, tucked neatly away under his naan bread… but you’ll have to watch the show to hear more about that one. I wanted to connect with people about things we can all relate to and feel bad about, but instead of beating ourselves up, to celebrate them. We’re all like confetti – we can be a bit of a mess, but that’s what makes us truly beautiful.

SAT:  Personally I love drag queens and so I’m intrigued about your “unhealthy obsession’ with them. Please tell us more!

AR: There’s a segment in the show when I hark back to when it all began, sweaty night clubs in my youth dancing to so much Britney and Gaga to try and get free drinks and front row seats to see all the drag queens in their glory every weekend. Now it’s me making breakfast…watching rupauls drag race, driving to work, listening to drag podcasts, partner trying to go to sleep but I just have to watch a youtube tutorial of Lucy Garland, hiding my head under the covers and sticking my headphones in. I’ve always been obsessed with the idea of twisting gender and am so glad that females in drag have become such a more seen and accepted thing as I believe were all putting on forms of drag every day. Whether its changing your appearance with mascara or a chiseled glitter and pink cut crease its all an illusion I find so incredibly fascinating and artistic.

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