Hearing Loss, The Musical! – Adelaide Fringe 2019

Tom GK: Hearing Loss, The Musical

“A rare disease, a music critic who always dreamt of being on stage, a triumphant premiere at Edinburgh Festival Fringe – Tom GK: Hearing Loss, The Musical! is as unlikely as it is compelling.”

That certainly sounds compelling ! So we sent Sam about town off to give us an insight into the show and Tom GK.

SAT: Tom, your media release really has piqued our attention. We’d like to find out more about how your life changed from your dream job as a music critic to the writer and performer of this musical about hearing loss. Firstly, can you tell us about your dream job?

TGK: I became a music journalist after working on all the student magazines at university. After I graduated I couldn’t find a clear path to writing about music so I decided to stand outside newspaper offices with business cards for a blog I’d written. It got quite a bit of attention in the UK and I ended up getting my foot in the door.

SAT: Sounds pretty exciting! Have you got any stories you can share with us about the celebs?

TGK: Once, when I was a student I went to the cinema and realised I was In the queue with Nick Cave. I ended up being one of three journalists (someone from the Daily Telegraph, Zane Lowe for the BBC and yours truly, the music editor of Sussex University’s student newspaper, The Badger. During my interview disaster happened and my dictaphone broke. That could have been a sucker punch for a 20-year-old fledgling writer but Nick Cave was wonderful. He sent the drummer off to fix my equipment while he and I had a cup of tea and discussed my English Literature degree. He is an absolute gentleman.   

Read Sams full interview with Tom GK here

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