My Grandmothers M.A.I.D – Adelaide Fringe 2019

Award winning Canadian comedian, actor and playwright, Dion Arnold, is an international success, touring around the world to high acclaim and he brings to Adelaide his show, ‘My Grandmother’s M.A.I.D.’ If his credentials aren’t enough to entice you, then one of his reviews should, “Even his laugh is funny.” – what more could you ask for!

SAT: The subject matter of your show is very serious and also personal. How is it also a comedy? Can you tell us more about it?

DA: haha I love this about Australians.. Serious and personal?! How can that be funny? Haha but that’s all I know how to make fun of! Myself and things that need to be taken down a peg. Like myself!

Humour comes from the juxtaposition of our expectation vs. reality. Misdirection (expectation) and reveal (Reality). Take my show for instance, the expectation is that death is sad, ( Oh, did no one know it’s about death? Oh, well, it’s not. It’s about… bunnings. Yeah. bunnings. And snags.) but the ensuing reality of the situation that my family experienced was so far from sad. It was hilarious in fact, because my grandmother was so happy. And that expectation being flipped on its head is what made the situation so funny, and is the reason why this show is a comedy and is why the humour works.

We are certainly being spoilt this Adelaide Fringe! Read the full interview with Sam in the link HERE