Pity Party – Adelaide Fringe 2019

“Two friends follow their dream of creating a sketch show, but as the night goes on they realise their dreams might be a little out of reach. It’s comedy, it’s burlesque, it’s slap stick, it’s Sweaty Pits’ debut show, it’s harder than they thought. A sketch show for those who question what they are doing with their lives and then do it anyway.”

Sam About Town was curious to find out more! Luckily co-creators Frankie McNair and Miriam Slater were happy to oblige.

Pity Party – Adelaide fringe 2019

SAT: Welcome to Adelaide Fringe! Excited?

SP: Excited?! Adelaide Fringe has late night churros, rides, and some of the best performers in the country! You better believe we are excited! CHURROS!

SAT: You wrote your first sketch together in 2016 and have been developing ideas since. Can you tell us more about this show and what inspired you to write it?

SP: This show is an absurd, silly, self reflection on what happens when you riff with your best friend too hard and two years later you are somehow holding an hour long show in your hot little hands. How did we get here? We don’t know. But thank you for having us. The actual show is made up of our favourite sketches and leads to us questioning if what we love doing is valid enough to peruse it with as much vigour as we currently are. It’s heaps meta. 

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