Ruby Slipper Chronicles – Adelaide Fringe 2019

“Dropping houses on witches……stealing shoes from bitches.”
Intrigued yet? I am!
This comedic cabaret and its award winning creator and star, Aurélie Roque, is coming to Adelaide for the first time this Fringe. Sam About Town was lucky enough to to break into Aurélie’s busy schedule to find out more.

Ruby slipper Chronicles – Aurelie Roque

SAT: You won’t really drop a house on us will you? Please tell us more. Do we need to bring a hard hat?

AR: Look, I can’t promise I’ll “bring the house down” (pun completely intended), but I’m about to do my darndest! In all honesty, this all about sitting back and laughing (and sometimes crying) along with me at the bizarre stories that make up my life since my move to Australia.

SAT: How closely does this cabaret follow the story of Wizard of OZ and what was your inspiration for creating this show?

AR: Considering I moved from Kansas to Oz during a tornado (my plane almost wasn’t allowed to take off), I’ve found it very strange how similar the two adventures actually are! I’ve said it before, but I didn’t write this show; this show seems to write ME. Once I started looking at the similarities, so many more just came barreling at me. Granted, I talk more about metaphorical lions, tinmen, and scarecrows, but the coincidences are just too obvious NOT to spot. And the crazy thing is, my story isn’t over yet! Each time I’ve done this cabaret, it’s been a little different, with new stories to tell. So it’s almost like the show is a living, breathing entity.

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