Is Steve Chang’s Fringe show really ‘A Complete Waste of Time ‘

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A Club Adelaide Fringe : Event: 15/02/2019 – 24/02/2019

Don’t be fooled by the name of this Fringe show, because Steve Chang‘s show A Complete Waste of Time will take its audience on an “introspective journey”, where they can explore the meaning of life. Using the art of stand-up comedy and storytelling, audience members are encouraged to walk into the show with a (very) open mind, as they experience little snippets of Chang’s life and be entertained for 55 minutes, which will be equal parts hilarious and intriguing.

Read the Full Steve Chang interview with Tema read here

Book your tickets to his show here and follow Chang on his social media platforms: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter.

Michael Wheatley’s new PRINCE Tribute comes to The A-Club Adelaide’s 2019 FRINGE

Read All about the Adelaide premiere of Michael Wheatley’s new PRINCE tribute shows as told to KenGrady.

“You can tell listening to Wheatley talk about his show, that it will be as much a cathartic process for him as it will be an entertaining and emotional experience for his audience.” says Ken Grady

‘I’m actually very proud of it. And now that I have actually performed it, it’s become real for me. I’ve worked really hard on it for the last year.’  said Michael wheatley

Johnny en Rose – Interview, Adelaide Fringe 2019

Interview by Tema (subscribe)     –   (courtesy weekend notes)
A Club Adelaide Fringe Event : 15/02/2019 – 16/02/2019

Johnny En Rose, Adelaide Fringe 2019

Meet NYC writer and performer John Koladziej, who is coming to Fringe, after performing sold out shows in New York and Los Angeles, it’s time for Adelaide to join John , as he takes us on a Parisian journey around Edith Piaf’s time.

In anticipation of his arrival in Adelaide and his 2 night fringe performances, Tema interviews Koladziej, where they discuss the show in great detail – read the Full Interview with Tema here 

With a unique component of his cabaret show Johnny en Rose: Songs of the Little Sparrow is being performed in English and French, Koladziej’s show revolves around a “young boy’s coming-of-age through the chansons of the famed chanteuse”.

 John Gabriel Koladziej is a writer/performer based in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City. Originally from the Los Angeles area, he first came to New York to study theatre at the Stella Adler Conservatory at NYU.   “I returned to LA, shortly after 9/11, and found myself doing a lot of theatre there.  However, I’ve been back in New York for a while now, having landed a job at a Manhattan ad agency, and have really been enjoying the cabaret world in the past few years. ” johnny said.

Adelaide-based accordionist Paula Mazzocco,  joins on stage for this next installation of “Johnny en Rose: Songs of the Little Sparrow.” 

Don’t go past this and other amazing shows at the A club Adelaide Fringe