Will is Mc Hammerpants – Adelaide Fringe 2019

Will Naameh is Mc Hammerpants

MC Hammersmith (aka Will Naameh, also known for Spontaneous Sherlock and Spontaneous Potter) is a multi-award-winning freestyle rap comedian.

He is the world’s leading freestyle gangsta rapper to ever emerge from the ghetto of middle class white west London. This Adelaide Fringe, he presents an hour of completely improvised hip hop comedy based entirely on audience suggestions.

This show is one to put on your “must see” list ! Read more here from Sam about town

Only two more shows – 23 and 24 Feb! — Ticket link here —

Cristina Lark – Adelaide Fringe 2019

Sam About Town managed to sit down with Cristina Lark and after a few games of Candy Crush we eventually talked about her Adelaide Fringe show.

I would have shared this interview with your earlier, but…..

….yes, procrastination gets to us all. Some are in denial, some get frustrated or disheartened. Some turn it into an awesome 5 star show!

Sam About Town managed to sit down with Cristina Lark and after a few games of Candy Crush we eventually talked about her Adelaide Fringe show.

SAT: Thanks for your time Cristina. Could you tell us more about your show?

CL: You don’t have to thank me for my time. I have plenty of time. The show is about leaving everything to the last minute (or never getting round to doing it), missing deadlines, and being always late. You know, ficticios scenarios that never happen to any of us because we’ve all got our shit together. It answers questions such as “why do we procrastinate?”, “is procrastination genetic”?, “Is being always late a lack of respect for others?”, “Do we procrastinate because of lack of willpower?”, “Should we really listen to our shoulder angel?”, “What would have happened if the bravest people in human history had procrastinated?”, “What if there’s a better version of us living happily in a parallel universe in a different timeline?”, and “What is time, anyway?”

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Cristina Lark: Caution – Deadline Ahead (A Comedy About Procrastination) is on
27 Feb – 16 March (excluding 4, 5, 11 March) Loft at A Club Adelaide
109 – 111 Waymouth St, Adelaide

Tickets can be purchased here:  Cristina-lark-caution-deadline-ahead-a-comedy-about-procrastination-af2019

Pamela’s Palace – Adelaide Fringe 2019

Pamela’s Palace at the Aclub fringe 2019

Set in a buzzing hair and beauty salon, this trio of quirky, crazy ladies, will take you on a journey of revealed secrets, glamour, music, hilarity and brilliant choreography. Intrigued? Grab a prosecco and pull up a chair. Sam About Town booked an appointment to find out more…

SAT: I enter the salon and junior salon assistant Bronwyn welcomes me. I do enjoy beginning a session with a glass of bubbly. Thanks Bronwyn. Can you set the scene for our readers? What is this salon like?

Bronwyn: Pam says it’s not always about the messy bun it’s about the layers, not just loose tousled ones but our personal ones – she said I haven’t found mine yet. We dance a lot, Pam insists we express ourselves through movement and hair. Tiff is our best stylist, but don’t tell Pam I said that – she’s got some really dank moves. I’ve learned a lot at Pamela’s Palace it’s the only place to get the best out of your hair.

Venue: The A Club (main room), 109-111 Waymouth Street, Adelaide 5000
Dates: 1-16 March 2019 (performances daily)
Time: 7:30pm (doors at 7:00pm).

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Purchase tickets here :https://adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix/pamela-s-palace-af2019

Red Light Confidential – Adelaide Fringe 2019

“We have weirdos, freaks, lovemakers and even some heartbreakers. We’re going to show some leg and make a shimmy.”

If that doesn’t make you want to snap up a ticket to one of the hottest shows in the Fringe, then read on and be ready to be convinced! Red Light Confidential is a showcase of burlesque, circus, cabaret, music, comedy and magic and is one of the most popular and well known touring variety shows in the country.

Sam About Town chatted recently with producers Kelly Ann Doll and Michael Wheatley.

SAT: The type of acts and experience level of performers in a Red Light Confidential show is so varied and yet you manage to coordinate it into one cohesive show. Could you tell us more about this format that has “newbies rubbing shoulders with seasoned pros”?

RLC: We started as an industry night, we wanted to provide a safe space for performers to try out new acts and for newbies to get a handle on the ropes. 

SAT: With such a variety of performers, do you find there is a creative exchange of ideas including mentoring from the more experienced performers and fresh energy and new ideas from the emerging acts?

RLC: Definitely. There are so many connections that have been made from artists meeting and networking at the show over the years and we’ve watched people go from being stage kittens to successful name artists. 

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Pity Party – Adelaide Fringe 2019

“Two friends follow their dream of creating a sketch show, but as the night goes on they realise their dreams might be a little out of reach. It’s comedy, it’s burlesque, it’s slap stick, it’s Sweaty Pits’ debut show, it’s harder than they thought. A sketch show for those who question what they are doing with their lives and then do it anyway.”

Sam About Town was curious to find out more! Luckily co-creators Frankie McNair and Miriam Slater were happy to oblige.

Pity Party – Adelaide fringe 2019

SAT: Welcome to Adelaide Fringe! Excited?

SP: Excited?! Adelaide Fringe has late night churros, rides, and some of the best performers in the country! You better believe we are excited! CHURROS!

SAT: You wrote your first sketch together in 2016 and have been developing ideas since. Can you tell us more about this show and what inspired you to write it?

SP: This show is an absurd, silly, self reflection on what happens when you riff with your best friend too hard and two years later you are somehow holding an hour long show in your hot little hands. How did we get here? We don’t know. But thank you for having us. The actual show is made up of our favourite sketches and leads to us questioning if what we love doing is valid enough to peruse it with as much vigour as we currently are. It’s heaps meta. 

READ the Full interview HERE