What they Said…..

When you look to someone for help, its often best to ask the people whom they have helped…..

If they’re just like you, then it probably easier to decide how that relationship works in the real world.

“If anyone else has had the pleasure of working with Call This Guy then they will have experienced his kindness, generosity and GRAFT. He’s a chair carrying, car driving, email writing, social media king! ” – Pamela’s Palace (Interactive Theatre)

“Kerry is so amazing. No task too big or too small, I was so happy I had my show at Kerry’s venue, he made my shows feel effortless ” – Frida Duguise (Comedian)

Kerry is an amazing powerhouse! I have never worked with anyone who has gone so far above and beyond to make sure that you have a positive experience putting your show on and make sure that you have bums on seats. Kerry’s positive energy made our Adelaide Fringe Festival amazing. ” – Francis McNair (Artist/ Sketch Comedy)

I have been in the industry now for nearly 30 years, and I have never met someone as amazing as Kerry. He is PR/Marketing/show fixer and seamlessly becomes part of the team. If I were you I would definitely CALL THIS GUY!! – Alison Pollard-Mansberg (Director ITI Global )

“Kerry is great! He’s super attentive and responsive and knows what he’s talking about. He got reviewers into my show and exposed me to ticket buyers who I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to reach. ” – Becca Hurd (Theatre)

“Kerry went way beyond the usual to make sure every show in his venue was looked after, had a great run and made friends along the way! He pushed his marketing resources to the limit, to make sure everyone had a successful run, putting tickets in hands and bums on seat. ” – Dion Arnold ( Fringe Artist/comedian )

“The title says it all. You really need to call this guy. ” – (Aurelie Roque – Stage/Musical Theatre)